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11 Oct 2017

Cloud Mining

I decided to dip my toes into some cloud mining.  After doing some reviews I’ve settled on . To get started small I’ve purchased a 4.7MH/s ETHHASH (ETH) contract and a 60H/s EQUIHASH(ZEC) contract.  My plan is to
10 Oct 2017

Start Accumulating Free Money

While I created an account with , I don’t want to put any of my own money into crypto-currency just yet.  So to start off, I figured I’d look for free sources of e-coins. From the beginning
9 Oct 2017

Getting Started with Crypto Currency

This will be my journey into crypto currencies.  Along the way I’ll document how I’m utilizing different way’s to increase both my knowledge and worth using crypto-currency.  The first thing I did was to sign up for